A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Unnamed is a game about a robot platforming and exploring his way out of an abandonned factory. This is a hostile place, and he might find threats along the way... Use your jetpack and your swinging rope in order to navigate through levels and reach safety!

This game is a passion project and has been in the works for about 2 years !

  • Very tight platforming inspired by Celeste's movement. Use your jetpack in order to gain more elevation or to speed up horizontally! You also have a swinging rope which utilizes your movement speed in order to propel with blazingly fast speed.
  • Explore a world with an intriguing atmosphere
  • More than 60 Rooms to beat
  • The game consists of 3 areas divided in "chapters", each introducing a mechanic and making sure to make you exploit it by challenging you with different levels. You will need to use your dexterity to pass through levels, but also your brain, to find the right path to take.
  • Fight a boss and run away for your life (or at least try to)
  • Make a robot repeatedly die over and over
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Oct 14, 2023
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(45 total ratings)
GenrePlatformer, Adventure
Made withAseprite, MonoGame
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Difficult, Game engine, Indie, Pixel Art, Short, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller, Gamepad (any), Playstation controller
LinksYouTube, Twitter


UnnamedWindows64.zip 55 MB
UnnamedLinux64.tar.gz 51 MB
UnnamedOSX64.zip 54 MB


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Nice work.  Trying to get back into my former xna game engine, and trying to port it all to monogame.  Found this in my research.  Donated.  Awesome work.


Absolutely epic, but free wall jumps make the game too easy (or maybe i played celeste a bit too much)


Shockingly amazing!! I love it, was so much fun!


I loved playing this game! I love platformers and this one is really inspiring with some old but newly discovered mechanics. Wish there would be a suqel. Great job and thank you!


Amazing game! I will say the platforming moves at an absolutely breakneck pace. To the point where at the end of most rooms I asked myself "what did I just do? Why did that work?" That's mostly just me, but still felt a bit off. Otherwise, great job!


I really enjoyed Unnamed! The gameplay is neat and the levels are well designed. I'm particularly impressed by the last part wich was a lot of fun. I had a hard time picking up the first item because X doesn't work if you're using an xbox controller. Also had a bug at the boss fight: after grappling in a corner my character rotated horizontaly and caused the game to crash. For your future games I think it would be dope to improve on the art and audio! Good luck :)

REALLY FUN (but short)


The game is really fun and the jetpack and swinging feel nice and for a free game its a solid 30 minute experience tho the game feels like it could be improved so much more with making more screen that utilize both the jetpack and swinging since i thought when we lost the jetpack and swinging was intoduced we will get harder screen that will utizlize both and we got that but only a few screens sadly

im excited to see if you wanna expand on the game in the future and make whole fully fledged game out of it because right now it feels like a demo

The game looks great, unfortunately gives a coredump on Linux (see: https://pastebin.com/PhssrkpW)

I think this can be fixed by changing the FMOD directory from 'FMOD/64/fmodstudio' to './FMOD/64/fmodstudio' on line 22 of Program.cs but I cannot be certain (It's unclear if that's even in your code to be honest).

From screenshots alone this does look incredible, though!

Hello! I'm currently trying to troubleshoot it as it works on Ubuntu and on other friends' arch. As of right now, you can use Wine/Photon with the Windows build to get it to run. I apologize for the inconvenience!!

I just uploaded a new version trying the fix you suggested. Does it work now?


Yes it does! Thanks so much, can't wait to play :)


the actual issue was related to broken symlinks btw ^^


Really fun little game!the grapple mechanic is incredibly fun to use especially with it actually interacting with the levels, and all the mechanics really come together to make a fun experience. I could totally see some other really fun stuff coming from this combo of mechanics, and wish you the best with your future games :)


THIS GAME IS AWESOME!!! The sequence at the end is so adrenaline pumping and cool!! and the rope swinging is super fun to figure out and play with :) the glass walls were also incredibly satisfying to break through!


Dope game!! Love the feeling of the movement, and the art was really cute!! Great introduction to each movement gimmick/feature and a fun combination of the two at the ending! Hoping for more games in the future!


For a first game, such quality is remarkable! I loved the inspirations I felt from other games, and the grappling hook mechanic coupled with the Jetpack is so satisfying - bravo!


i have played through the first chapter so far, it's pretty good, but i fell the keys mapped could be better, would it be possible to add keybinds some time later?

You can change your keybinds in Pause Menu -> Options -> Controls!


good game


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Excellent jeu, je recommande à tous ceux qui aiment les jeux chill


Amazing game ! I loved the fact that the levels got harder and harder and the game mechanics got more and more interesting. Special mention for the very last level: the rhythm is incredible ! 


Fantastic game, handles well, and loved it! Did a twitch stream of it and uploaded it to youtube. Keep up the amazing work! (the vid may take a few hours upon the post to be viewable, it was a big file)

My twitch it was streamed on =)



You went all the way to the last level of the game and stopped playing it there!! If you just finished that one level at the end the game would've been over. Im really glad you picked up the game though as you were one of the best players to try it out. Thank you very much for playing!

I know haha it stunkk to do, had a few games in the stream to do unfortunately and work was coming up and I hated to do it xD


Very fun! I found the controls for keyboard somewhat awkward, it makes sense though because I'm assuming it was intended for controller, but other than that it was very well made! Good job!

Thank you ! While I play the game using my keyboard, it's definitely better to play it with a controller.


Really fun game! Nice work. I promised to try it out later in the week from your Reddit post. Finally got some time to play it. I'm enjoying it so far! Definitely been making the poor robot die over and over.

Really hope you finish it ! (The last chapter is the best)

was wondering if the secret collectibles in chapter 1 did anything? and if i missed some in later chapters? they're really cool tho, and so is the game!

They actually don't do anything lol. I was thinking of cutting them out of the game but I thought they added something to the gameplay so I left them in. They were originally some collectables in chapter 2 but they were removed due to the fact they were either too hard to get or badly designed. I'll maybe add a part in the main menu to check your collectible count/death count in the near future. Thank you for playing!

Here are some of the reviews of the game !

Good game, good player control. But I hate it when you take out the rocket,... I don't know but some of the levels are boring/simple or rather repeated when no new mechanic is introduced,... and the snider boss, is he moving at Mach speed?

Most people really do struggle the most with chapter 2 yeah. I do think the levels are harder on this chapter (during playing people struggled the most with them). Hope that didn't make your experience too bad! The levels are deemed satisfying when you finish them though. The spider boss is just built different lol.

 I do struggle with chapter 2, but it's not necessarily harder, I feel like it's dragged out or something, not sure...

As not mentioned earlier, some of the platforms are not clearly visible or blend with the background, like the ladder or neon sign, I though I and stand on that...


I saw your game on reddit. And was really amazed by the clips you uploaded. I'll provide a feedback after I tried it. XD


I'm gonna be honest, I cursed a lot playing this game.


Thank you for this great game - here is my tribute...


It was... amazing, i was really surprised by the quality of this game. If you're hesitating, just go this is a very good game !

will this game be open source?

As of right now, I don't really know if I want to release the source code. If it really really interests you, you can probably decompile the game since it's made in C#. If there's something specific you want me to explain, then please ask away !

Is this game at all inspired by Silver Grapple?


Never heard of it

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Wow, the grappling hook and glass panes are genius. As soon as I thought it was over it just kept expanding on the concept and making it more interesting.

The red platforms could pop out a little more but I like how the game looks, it has its own little aesthetic. C, W, and X are difficult to use together but otherwise the controls feel great. Every time I wanted to do something with the grappling hook it pretty much just happened without fighting the controls at all.

You could build an entire game around just the grappling hook! (I mean, I guess you did)


I've just updated the game. The fact that it says to use W is an oversight due to the fact that I use azerty (french keyboard) which places W where the Z is in qwerty. The game is much easier to play with C, X and Z lol. But to be fair, the game is better to play with a controller rather than keyboard and mouse.
As for the other feedback, thank you so much for your positive review! I hope you also enjoyed the boss and jetpack area depsite the bad control scheme. You can also change your controls in the options. Thank you !